Trump Jr. Says The Memo His Dad Declassified Is ‘A Little Bit Of Sweet Revenge’

‚ÄúThere is a little bit of sweet revenge in it for me and certainly probably the family,” he said.


Photo of ‘Antifa’ man assaulting officer was doctored, analysis shows


An image that appeared to capture a member of an anti-fascist group beating a U.S. police officer with a club during a Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, is fake.

The doctored photograph, the Associated Press and <a href="

“> found, turned out to be a Getty Image shot in 2009 during clashes between police officers and protesters in Athens, Greece. An Antifa, or antifacist, logo was digitally superimposed onto the jacket of a protester, who is seen attacking an officer with a blunt object.

The image was widely shared shortly after Saturday’s car attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, which followed a rally organized by neo-Nazis and white nationalists to protest the relocation of a Confederate statute. Some users flagged the photo on Twitter.

The fake image circulated among social media accounts that opposed anti-fascist activists and was often used to support President Donald Trump’s statement that both sides were to blame for the Charlottesville violence.

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Anti-fascists comprised a small portion of the counter-protesters who opposed the white nationalist rally over the weekend. NewsHour reporters in Charlottesville said they did not see a large Antifa presence in the crowd of counter-protesters, who were largely peaceful.

Charlottesville native Heather Heyer, 32, was killed in the car attack. Authorities charged suspect James Alex Fields Jr., 20, with second-degree murder in Heyer’s death.

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