Another Lincoln yearbook omission

I received a nice email on Thursday from a parent, who started off saying the dress code policy controversy at Lincoln High School was unacceptable and should not be taken lightly. Both of which are true.

Those two students deserve as much respect as anyone else. This is 2015 after all.

But there also seems to be another glaring omission from the Lincoln yearbook as this parent pointed out: a group photo of the school Marching Band was nowhere to be found within the pages. I should point out too that the writer is a band booster parent.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

“The omission of a band group photo is unacceptable to me,” wrote the parent. “There are seniors in the band that made memories in their last year of high school and will not be recognized as a band member in a yearbook photo.”

“Not to mention the cost of being a band member and all the time and effort these kids put into their music to represent Lincoln in the most honorable way.”

I’m not exactly sure what in the world was going on in that yearbook class, but that 200+ person band must have felt like those two girls, like they were not apart of Lincoln High and might as well have not existed either.

While the yearbook wouldn’t publish their group photo for whatever reason, I feel like the next best thing I could do is post them here.

My only hope this that the Lincoln yearbook staff is fixed and something like this doesn’t happen again.

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